The tabloids in England had a field day when Vidic made careless comments regarding the weather in England and his 'future' desire to play in Spain. Now it must be very frustrating for a man called Sir Alex Ferguson because after postponing one star-players' wish to Spain, he now has a lot to do to prevent another heading from heading the same way--only that now he has got to, among many others, change the weather. Of course Vidic has every right to air out his opinions about life in England, but many would rather he had kept quiet till we finally get over this CR7 saga. His outrageous bravery on pitch will count for nothing if he gets into the hot-water that CR7 has put himself into. Having followed European football for quite long, I can tell you that all this is part of the side-effects of winning the Champions League. There is this viral disease called 'need for a new challenge' that tend to attack CL winning teams. If you look into the records of teams that have won the CL for the last ten years, you will find that every one of those had a player or two leave the following summer. It is probably the reason as to why the Champions League has never been defended. If Manchester United do manage to defend their European crown, then it will be largely due to the fact that unlike most other managers, Sir Alex has kept his strongest team intact at the club(Silvestre, Pique, Lee Martin... are not in our strongest team). Here's to hoping that Vida meant 7 years to come! Besides the praise being heaped on to Anderson(deservedly so ) and Fletcher by Rio and Fergie respectively, there is not much one can rant about United unless you bring in Berbatov. The lad should be well on his way to OT now, given the imminent arrival of Roman Pavulchenko(Sp) at Spurs.

And now, the preview....
Good news everyone, Nani is back from holiday/head-butting and will therefore relieve O'Shea of his first team duties. We should be stronger than we were on Monday as I expect Hargreaves to sober-up and Saha to take a break from the treatment table. Giggs should also feature in this one but Carrick is still an absentee. The game should be a cracker as these are two sides that love to attack. The return of Pogenbyank(Sp) should be a boost for Zenit who currently lie a lowly 8th in the Russian Premier league. Zyranov(sp) is another well known threat in that Zenit side but Andrei Arshavin has been dropped(according to reports). He like, United's Ronaldo has been fighting with his club for a transfer to 'realise his dreams'----what did I tell you about the new challenge virus?---...
It will be a major boost if we leave Monaco with the Super Cup as it keeps Fergie on track for a surely impossible 7 titles this season(how I hope I'm wrong). Our defeat in 2000 against Lazio means that this will be our first Super Cup since 1991! SO COME ON UNITED!
Prediction, 2-1 to United. It will be a close game as there is something to lose from this one.