Ole Gunnar Solsjaer has been reflecting on his wonderful 11 year career at Old Trafford. In an interview published by the MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS, he challenged the current crop of players to prove their status as legends by going on to emulate last season's achievements for the next decade or so. The Norwegian is already a legend as far as Manchester United are concerned and he had one or two things to say about THAT GOAL! He claims it was more of luck than anything else that guided that ball into roof of the Germans' goal.

"I can't say that I practised it in training but thankfully, it went in.....Its good to know that 30 years from now I'll be remembered as a United player....I'd rather be remembered that way than be remembered as the guy who missed that great chance in the '99 final."

Well, well well, somebody has got to spare a thought for JOHN TERRY-But not this blog! The Chelsea captain must dread the sight of banana skins! hahahaha....!