Owen Hargreaves has today come out to state exactly what the coming season means for him. The player says that he was only 50-60% fit last season and therefore we should expect much more from him. Good to hear that from one of our most important players. His tendinitis(is that right?) problem has been bothering him since his spell with Bayern Munich. I'ts why I buy his view. We are yet to see the very best from Hargo.
The story concerning Berbatov's transfer to United rages on and this is seemingly going to be a last minute August 31 deal--I am already tired of the speculation--I'm sure Cristiano is tired of it too. Then thre is the small matter ofJohn Terry being handed the captain's armband ahead of Rio Ferdinand. Well I have to admit, the lad is a worthy captain--afterall, he led Chelsea into the valley of the shadow of death in Moscow--much to our advantage. Rio will not be moved one bit by the miss-out because UNITED>ENGLAND! Some newspapers advertising lazy journalism is running a story about Michael Phelps wanting to watch a United game--(comment reserved). And finally Brazil have been knocked out of the Olympics by Argentina so Anderson should be in Manchester by Monday--though I doubt he will make the Pompey game, but considering the situation we are in, even a half-fit Anderson will do. Cheers for now.