He has won it again and again and again and again...

Long term servant Ryan Giggs is pondering retirement from football at the end of the season The Welsh winger has already set record, not only at United, but in football generally that will take some time and some effort to match-let alone beat. Already, his appearance record for United by the end of the coming season should last for the next century or so(since I hear there is no more loyalty in football these days).

"In the last couple of seasons, I've always gone into competitions as if it were my last. I'm not getting any younger and it could be. My motivation is to stay in the team because you want to experience what we did last season. That's what motivates me, winning trophies."

It's incredible the hunger that Sir Alex instills into his players. A player as successsful as Giggs is still hungry to add to his already excessively decorated living room. It's what we fans want to hear and if you remember his age, you can't help but laugh at Mr. John Terry.