Sir Alex Ferguson sounded almost 'unbothered' when questioned by the press about United's performance in their opening game of the new league season.

"I can't have too many complaints. It's not the result we wanted but given the changes I had to make, it's credible"

The fiery Scot will not be moved because United have dropped 2 points in their opening fixture. Truth be told, United are not in as much danger as everybody in the press are claiming. In the preview of this game, I ranted that the only reason this fixture was going to be difficult was because we were playing after all our rivals had played and therefore we would be under pressure to match their results. Because Chelsea had beaten Pompey 4-0 earlier, one would expect United to beat Newcastle 5-0 to go top of the table. Funny that we picked 2 points out of nine the previous campaign and could not score more than a goal in the league till October and yet we refer to that season as our second most successful campaign in the club's history. It's never good to fall behind your opponents at the first time if asking but again you can never have a winning start to every season. THE END WILL JUSTIFY THE MEANS!