The Summer transfer saga involving Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer to Real had everyone at United talking about the role Luis Nani was to play in our season. The Portuguese winger was expected to develop in the same mould as Ronaldo-explosive on the wing and having the cutting edge in front of goal. But that is where his critics are wrong! It took Ronaldo 3 seasons at United to finally become what he is today and yet people expect Nani to be Ronaldo in just one season. In all honesty, despite making a memorable debut for United, Ronaldo was not as good as Nani was last season. His goals in pre-season last season certainly showed me what to expect from him-goals and somersaults!(just kidding). Anyway the gaffer has today come out to comment about the impression Nani made in yesterday's Community Shield fixture. Fergie apparently expects more maturity from him next season and also expects him to play a vital part in our conquests this season. Now I have the belief that Nani is bags of untapped talent and if Fergie can teach him a thing or two about responsibility on pitch(i.e. no headbutting opponents), we could have Real Madrid knocking our door again in the near future. Nani did win us a few games last season-he scored THAT GOAL that won us our first game of the season against Spurs and then repeated the Pile-driver trick against Boro. He drilled in our third against Liverpool at home and then toy-ed with Arsenal in the FA Cup till he had Wenger crying for respect. However, all this was undone by THAT MOMENT OF MADNESS against West Ham at home. Fergie is one manager who has dealt comfortably with all sorts of egos and can definitely be counted upon to cool Nani and mould him into the player we all want to see. I think he is our best crosser of the ball from the wing judging by his assists last season. Given that he is just 20, we can expect a lot of improvement from the lad as he advances in age.