England manager Fabio Capello has come out to comment about the importance of Wayne Rooney to the England team The Italian has admitted that Wayne is as vital to England as he is to United but more importantly, hopes that his marriage to Coleen can bring the best out of the England striker.
"Wayne has just got married so he will get better. Usually when they are married, they find a balance."
Capello also made it clear that the player's smoking was not a problem--at least for him.
"I know a lot of players who smoke....It depends if he smokes five or twenty(cigarrettes)"
Now, we all know that Fabio Capello is among the most experienced and ssuccessful managers in world football. Could he be picking from his experiences in the past to suggest that Wayne will do better now that he is married? The stats show that players who have tied the knot tend to be more responsible on pitch than when they were single. (Of course this is not to say that single players cannot control themselves on pitch.) The balance Mr. Capello is talking about is that which the likes of Rio(though single I think) has reached. The balance that will not have a player partying till 6a.m. A balance that Paul Scholes acquired even before he was born. Players like him tend to be in better shape to play well for both club and country....and IF Capello is right, United might just benefit more him than England will. Afterall, UNITED>ENGLAND! And by the way Rio for captaincy today! This blog wishes him luck, though it won't scratch any of our crowns if he doesn't get it. Cheers!