Christiano Ronaldo may not be aware but he is slowly but surely running out of time. If he keeps up his decision procrastination, he might find himself as a registered Manchester United player for next season's Champions League. That aside, one wonders the extent of damage the Madeira twat has caused Manchester United. Besides dragging the club's name in dirt and denying the club a good summer after their second most successful season, he might have cost United utmost concentration in the transfer market. It appears that potential transfer activity has been put on halt because attention has been turned to the Ronaldo saga--a topic that has surely attracted a European if not World audience. After agreeing with Sepp Blatter's 'slavery' comments, one wonders why Ronaldo is not coming out like Abebayor or Hleb or Flamini to demand for a transfer request or buy out the remaining 4 yrs of his contract. Ideally his decision delay might work against him because staying at Old Trafford does not seem an option anymore. Even he cannot repair the damage that he has done. The only prayer for Manchester United fans should be that this bull-shit of a saga does not interfere in a season when they will be the team to beat all around Europe, and probably in the world if they add the world club cup to their collection.