Real Madrid midfield starlet Wesley Sneijder has come out today to talk at length about the positive and negative implications of Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer from United to Real. On a day when Real's puppet newspaper(whatever the name... Marca or Murcia) came out and proclaimed the Glazer's willingness to do business with Real, we have something of an opinion from one of Ronaldo's potential team-mates next season. The Dutch man obviously states that Cristiano would be a major improvement to the Real side, BUT, if one reads the full interview given to AS on, they would agree with me that he was more worried than happy about the whole deal. For starters, the 7m pound annual salary of the new signing would cause unrest among other players who earn far inferior salaries and yet rate themselves highly(remember why Makelele left Real for Chelsea?). Compare that reaction to the one at United where Hargreaves or Rio do not give a shit if Ronaldo has a bigger account. Sneijder goes ahead to point out that Madrid are already a stable ship that can only get better, but could sink if afew drastic changes are effected. For example, he points out the contribution of Robinho to the team(he has a telepathy kind of communication with Raul-assisting the striker 5 times clean through last season). He goes ahead to dismiss the idea of Robinho 'disappearing' in the big games by pointing out that Ronaldo disappears too!(who told him that? I thought it was a secret!) He has alittle bold to say some of the things he ha said and let us not forget that yesterday, Fabio Cannavaro(another potential team-mate) told Ronaldo to honour his contract at United.(it still has 4 years left). So one wonders, will Ronaldo really be welcomed at the Santiago Bernabeau? What do you think?