If there is one man whose name has appeared in the World press more than anybody else, its Cristiano Ronaldo. The player's failure to commit himself to one of two headline making clubs has given the press a field day (well, more of field days). You only need a few lines of words from him to make a story that will appear in every paper, on every site not to mention on every blog(including blogs of rival clubs). Managers, Chief Executives, and even players have had to come out each day to dismiss false reports from the press. Seemingly, the press has made a habit of forging news so as to make news. For instance if I write that Ronaldo has decided to join Real next week, I will almost inevitably be forcing an interview from Sir Alex or at least a club statement to deny the suggested reports in the press, hence getting an extra column for the club's reaction. Such is the rotten-ness of the press today that many people have dis-credited certain papers (like Marca which is now widely known as a stooge for Real). Only last week, Carlos Tevez gave an interview in Spanish (or was it Latin), and was quoted to have endorsed Ronaldo's departure to Spain. A day later and the player denies making the allegations. The journalist must have taken advantage of his ignorance in the English Language to link a slight comment about Ronaldo. The direct translation of that interview told a lot about the level of journalism today. It must have have been in the same week when Fergie was misquoted to have said that he was about to land Berbatov--prompting a strong worded response from Levy-the Spurs Chairman. The crooks(names with-held) later publicly apologised to the fiery Scott(after filling the piggy-bank.). My thinking tells me that half the transfer deals made are initiated by the press. So the question is are they really answerable to anybody?