From the day that Luis Felippe Scolari announced his departure from the Portuguese Federation, I've always had a feeling that we may have seen the last of Carlos Queiroz at Manchester United. He is probably only second to Mourinho when it comes to bright Portuguese managers, so given his position at United, he was an obvious target for the National team of Portugal. Reports today indicate that while Christiano Ronaldo may stay at United, Sir Alex is already resigned to losing his assistant. It's quite difficult to turn down such an offer if you are Carlos especially if it is your country that is calling but being United and we selfish fans, sorry Carlos, we would almost feel cheated if you left. Queiroz has been vital to United especially in the transfer market so it will be a major blow if we are to lose him, let alone lose Ronaldo. Having said that, some coaches are better no.2s than no.1s. His spell at Real should have taught him something close to what Steve Mclaren learnt when he left United to be a head coach. How would the departure of Queiroz affect United?