Friday, 13 June 2008


Manchester United' s star player Christiano Ronaldo has been rumoured to be on his way to Spanish giants Real Madrid. Alot has alrady been said about the implications of this transfer if it were to materialise. Now this is what i have to say......
When Christiano Ronaldo came into the limelight after helping United to wrestle the League title away from Chelsea, Sir Alex, realised that in order to get the very best out of the Madeira magician, he had to grant him a sort of free role in the side which allowed him to roam from any angle of the pitch that he wished. Only Ronaldo in United could play out of position. SAF was ready to allow him to play 7, 8,9,10 and 11 just to reap the best from Ronaldo. Now many may not havee ralised it yet but, it does help Ronaldo alot playing freely on the turf. It means that hardly can he be marked out of a game because of a very impossible defender to get past--simply because he'll probably switch wings, or play straight through the middle. He'll probably return to his usual position when the impossible defender is on a yellow card and therefore cannot needlesly be tackled. Because of his desire to find the net, Ronaldo quickly established himself as the no.1 penalty taker in the United side. He had to battle for this with Ruud van Nistelrooy and then Louis Saha. The former's departure and the latter's love for the United doctors, saw Ronaldo remain unchallenged as a penalty taker. This also went a long way in helping him boost his goalscoring record, because it meant that even when having an off day, he could make it to the scoresheet, with a penalty. Without going further in the privileges that Ronnie enjoys or enjoyed in Manchester United, its obvious that he also got alot of protection from Sir Alex, and anybody who has ever read of his off-field antics will bear testimony to that. BUT...the big question is , WLL HE BE THE KING IN A CLUB THAT HAS A HISTORY OF PLAYERS HE WILL NEVER BETTER.... while at United we were already lickening him to our greats, Best, Law, Cantona..... in Madrid ur not just called Zidane, Di Stefano.... it would really take something special and someone special. For starters, Ronaldo's no.7 jersey is donned by another Madrid great in completion, Raul Blanco Gonzalez-a son they are proud of because he was born of the Madrid Academy. Even Beckham Almighty found it impossible to move him. So Ronnie will probably wear 77. (just kidding) And we all know who is in charge of penalty duty in Madrid...STRIKERS, RUUD OR RAUL; try taking the ball away from them Ronaldo like you did to Tevez. And what about the freedom of roaming about... not every manager is Sir Alex you know, there are some who do not buy into this thing called 'free role'. Should they pencil you in to play on the right, thats where you play unless you are told to change. Whether Schuster is that kind, time will tell. But Ronaldo needs that free role because he has put himself in a position where he will be jugded by his goals. Nobody will appreciate his efforts if he finishes next season with 7 goals and 7 assists. And its obvious that the Spanish capital will not be his final destination since Madrid rarely keep players till rusty ages like United do. They'll probably keep Ronaldo till he can no longer sell shirts and dump him. Having said all that he'll probably fit well im Madrid because anybody will do anything to fit in the club of their dreams... including giving up afew privileges.......

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